Delta's Vertical Packaging Machine Solution Creates a Compact Workstation for Efficient Material Packaging

The packaging market is diverse and highly competitive. Three-in-one coffee sachets, seasoning packets in instant noodles packs, pill packs or detergent refill packs, and more are very common in our lives, and these need to be cut and packaged quickly and neatly. However, consumers sometimes find poor packaging or improper cutting that results in content leakage, packaging material waste, customer complaints, and subsequent negative brand/company images.

A horizontal packaging machine usually occupies a large area and it is prone to squeezed end sealing and high defect rates, while vertical packaging machines are more likely to package efficiently and neatly. The vertical packaging processes usually include shaft temperature control for the heat and cold sealing of the packaging film and packet cutting.

Delta recently provided a vertical packaging machine solution for a packaging machine manufacturer in western China, and built a compact workstation with a motion controller, AC servo drive, and motors for precise packaging. The solution used a temperature controller to accurately control the sealing temperature. The manufacturer could directly and efficiently configure the operating speed and adjust each bag length via a human machine interface.

Delta adopted the Multi-axis Motion Controller DVP-50MC Series to control packaging, sealing, and cutting. Integrated with the AC Servo Drive System ASDA-B3 Series, the solution enables precise control of the perpendicular heat-sealing shaft to unwind and pull the packaging film. The film is folded in half and sealed on the side to form a cylindrical shape. Subsequently, the controller drives the cold-sealing shaft to seal the cylindrical film again and drives the cutting shaft to divide the film into packets. The manufacturer can adjust the packaging procedures and sealing temperature and speed via the Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series.

Delta's vertical packaging machine solution provides the following benefits and advantages for the manufacturer and users:

• Convenient operation for flexible adjustment
Users can control the operating speed of the vertical packaging machine, configure the sealing temperature, and adjust packet length without halting the machine when the Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series connects to the temperature through RS-485.

• Stopping at a constant position, flexible processing and cutting
The Multi-axis Motion Controller DVP-50MC Series allows the vertical packaging machine manufacturer to set up a fixed position to stop the perpendicular sealing shaft at the constant point and prevent burning of the packaging film. The AC Servo Drive System ASDA-B3 Series enables precise fix-length processing, material tracking, and multiple or single packet packaging with different cutting modes for flexible changeover and high-speed production.

• Standard programming language for simple development
Users can also program the controller through the CANopen Builder using the structured text (ST) and ladder logic (LD) to improve program maintainability and readability.

Delta's vertical packaging machine solution enhances machine performance and packaging speed by integrating a multi-axis motion controller and servo drives and allows users to freely adjust packet length and sealing temperature. The solution can be applied to various kinds of material packaging, such as thick, granular, liquid, and powdery materials.


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