Delta’s Servo Press Solution for Stable, Flexible, and Energy-saving Metal Forming with Accurate Control

The metal products we use in our lives come in all shapes and sizes. Common metal products, such as consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive chassis, thermal bottles, fountain pens, or some medical supplies, are shaped using press machines.

Press machines deform metal with different rigidities by using the appropriate pressure. The motion paths, response speed, and pressure control of the machines may affect metal pressing, profiling, deep drawing, and forging, and other processes from initial metal forming and two-step heating, to the completed formation. Qualified pressing with various molds can facilitate rapid mass production, manufacture products with consistant quality, and meet market demands.

Delta recently provided a servo press solution for a press machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Delta helped them configure press paths and accurately control press positions for better production efficiency and higher yield rates. As a press machine presses, it always generates tons of pressure. Delta uses its power quality management products to transform the excess pressure into reusable energy to achieve energy-savings and green production.

The solution adopts Delta’s Hot Swappable Mid-range PLC AH500 Series for motion path configuration for different press processes. The Heavy Duty Vector Control Drive CH2000 Series drives servo motors to precisely control the descending speed of the slider of the press machine and the bottom dead point to enhance metal forming accuracy. The Active Front End AFE2000 Series can generate reusable electricity by transforming excess pressure for reuse by other equipment in the customer’s plant.

Delta's servo press solution benefits the manufacturer with the following advantages:

• Accurate pressing, applicable for high-rigidity metal materials
The vector control drive CH2000 Series offers excellent overload capacity and fast response to make the slider rapidly descend from the top dead point and then slow down for initial heating. After the preliminary formation of the metallic material is done, the slider descends a bit further for secondary heating until it reaches the bottom dead point and the formation is completed.

• Built-in 10 motion paths for flexible changeover
The PLC AH500 Series allows the customer to quickly configure motion paths for different metallic materials using the built-in 10 kinds of motion paths. The customer can monitor the machine operation and press parameters in real time for fast and flexible changeover as well.

• Power quality management for energy saving
The Active Front End AFE2000 Series stores tons of pressure in capacitor modules and transforms it into DC current, and then transforms the DC current to electricity for reuse by other equipment in the press machine manufacturing plant.

Delta’s servo press solution integrates its self-designed and self-manufactured highly precise industrial automation products for users to configure parameters freely. It allows fast response for motion paths to improve product quality, raise production capacity, and save time and energy. This solution is ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including the precise formation of chassis for automobiles, scooters, bikes, and metal parts for hardware, cutting tools, and gears.


News Source:IABG MKT