Delta's Air-Tightness Test System Increases Production Efficiency and Quality for Airtight Products

Air-tightness tests are widely applied to inspect products or components in a variety of manufacturing processes and industries, such as for automotive, space vehicles, electronics, electrical appliances, refrigeration equipment, valves and more. These tests ensure production quality and safety in the use of inspected workpieces.

Delta set up an air-tightness test system for a smart automotive LED lighting manufacturer in northern Taiwan. Delta also built automated production lines for the customer and rerouted their goods-in-process conveying for air tightness inspection via dual path to save time and labor, sort out defective goods, and enhance productivity and quality.

The air-tightness test system is composed of Delta's Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series, AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2 Series, and multiple engine cylinders to implement O-ring installation on automotive LED driver boards. The air-tightness tests are performed using high pressure to detect air leaks. After compressed air is injected into a workpiece, the air-tightness test system automatically cuts off the air source but keeps the air pressure in a defined and permissible range by precisely controlling the air current with solenoid valves. The system also examines the differential pressures in a regulated inspection period. If the air pressure in the inspected workpiece goes beyond a defined range, the air-tightness test will fail. When there are three defective workpieces inspected, it will automatically trigger an anomaly alarm in the system and send an alarm notification to operating personnel for quick anomaly elimination.

Delta's air-tightness test system is built with self-developed industrial controllers and automation products for high-speed and highly efficient air pressure inspection.

Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series
The AS300 Series performs fast position planning, simulates inspection paths, and controls the overall inspection processes. It can fulfill linear and circular interpolation for two designated axes for O-ring installation. In addition, it can sample as quickly as the inspection cycle time with high-speed oscilloscope monitoring and enable fast troubleshooting during O-ring installation and removal.

AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2 Series
Built with a 20-bit encoder, the ASDA-A2 Series provides accurate positioning and smooth X / Y-axis movements for O-ring installation and removal.

Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series
Supporting Lua programming, the DOP-100 Series has a function and example library for easy operation, and quick parameter setting, and it visualizes the air pressure inspection processes.

Standard Multifunction Pressure Sensor DPA Series
The DPA Series enables quick parameter duplication for air pressure inspection, saving time on preliminary processes and reducing energy consumption and costs by more than 20%.

Delta's air-tightness test system facilitates processes and provides excellent performance for quick inspection. Featuring high quality, high efficiency, and high safety, the system is applicable to various industries and can reduce workforce requirements.

News Source:IABG MKT Dept.