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Delta SCARA Robot for Automatic Screw Driving Machine


The Delta SCARA Robot features high speed and high repeatability. When applied in automatic screw driving machines, it not only reduces the size of the device, but also operates at faster speeds. It offers a new technology choice for automatic screw driving machines. Fastening screws is often necessary during the assembly process of computer, communication and consumer electronics products. In some cases, more than 20 screws are fastened on one device. Traditionally, operators fasten the screws with handheld electric screwdrivers. More work time is needed when there are many screws to be fastened,. Sometimes omissions happen resulting to unstable product quality. Currently there are XYZ-axis desktop automatic screw driving machines on the market to solve the omission problem of human operators. However, this type of equipment is often quite large and takes much space on production lines.