P140 Lithium-ion Cell

Delta Lithium-ion Cell High Capacity

The Delta P140 is a 3.7V/ 60Ah high power, rechargeable Lithium-ion cell. P140 is designed with a superior balance between power and energy density. Its performance has been proven in Japan, UK, EU, China and USA for the applications of renewable energy storage system of wind power and solar, DC backup power, electric bus, etc.

The P140 cell demonstrates the advantages of fast charging, great reliability and long service life. It is an excellent energy source providing significant TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) saving.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Prismatic Cell Format

  • Heat release advantage
  • Effective pack placement

Laser welding AL Can

  • Long life advantage
  • Robust sealing structure & quality

Stacking Structure

  • Long life advantage
  • High power advantage
  • Electrode design flexibility


  • IEC-62619, 62660-3, UN38.3 Compliant to UL1973, JIS C 8715-2

  • High Energy and High Power Cell
  • Ideal for Energy Storage and Power Stabilization Applications