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Letter from the Founder
With a lifetime of business management experience, I have often pondered the value of a business. A business can only develop if it is profitable. But more importantly,a business must utilize its business competence and know-how to contribute to society In recent years, CSR fulfillment has become a topic of widespread consensus as well as a new norm. We must earnestly deliberate on ways to incorporate CSR practices into business management to achieve a sustainable future. Society today is faced with ever more severe challenges from global warming, regional air pollution, and shortages of water resources and energy. Such environmental issues as well as severe problems from a continuous departure of skill labor are providing us with major focuses for our CSR strategies.

As part of the electronics industry, Delta understands that while industrial development has brought much convenience to our lives, it is also causing the depletion of the Earth's natural resources and a major impact on many ecosystems. Over the years, Delta has followed our company mission: "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow." We expect our colleagues to solve environmental issues by creating innovative products that allow us to transform from problem originators to solution providers.

In recent years, climate change has become a material issue to the entire world. Not only have we witnessed a rapid increase in adversity caused by extreme climates, but many cities are also gradually becoming uninhabitable due to severe air pollution and water shortages. The Paris Agreement that was reached by the international community now faces an uncertain future due to the withdrawal of a major CO2e emitting country, and the total volume of global GHG emissions is on the rise again.

The latest research from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicates that by around 2040, the world temperature will rise by an average of 1.5°C compared to the late 19th century. Agriculture and fisheries will bear the brunt of frequent climate extremes and are likely to suffer huge losses. Scientists warn the ecosystem would gradually disintegrate, with social turmoil inevitable.

The Delta Electronics Foundation has dispatched personnel to the United Nations Conferences of the Parties (COP) each year since 2007 to bring the latest information to facilitate the public’s understanding of the coming climate crisis. At COP23, held in Bonn, Germany at the end of 2017, Delta presented a speech at the Peripheral Meeting organized by the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, established by 1,500 cities and localities worldwide. We demonstrated our results and practices with green buildings, lowcarbon transportation, and environmental education development, showing the world our experience as an enterprise in reducing carbon, while listening to relevant success stories from the global community.

Energy conservation is widely recognized as having the most carbon reduction potential,and we are continuously seeking technical breakthroughs through to the efforts and research of our team of experts. By the year 2000 we had enhanced our energy efficiency rate to 90% or above for practically all of our products.Energy efficiency is now 98% for us telecom power, and up to 98.8% for our solar inverters. This helps our clients worldwide better utilize each unit of precious energy more effectively.

In addition to energy-saving products, we are also committed to education. Over the years, we have utilized many forms of media, ranging from campus promotions, seminars and speeches, to hosting empowerment workshops. Besides passing on energy-conserving knowledge on the front lines, Delta's corporate volunteers have assisted in renovating many elementary and middle schools to achieve better energy efficiency. We have also collaborated with experts to develop energy-saving course materials, and are helping the public to learn positive habits for conserving energy in their daily lives.

To this end, green buildings have been the focus of Delta's energy education. Since 2005, Delta has built 26 green buildings worldwide, either for use as Delta facilities or as donations to educational institutions. Building energy efficiency has gradually improved from 30% and 50% in the early days, to 70%, and now to net zero this year. Our certified green buildings saved 14.9 million kWh of electricity in 2017. These certified numbers reinforce our faith that green building is definitely among the best measures for saving energy.

Delta has long paid attention to cultivating talent. This is especially important today with global trends such as Industry 4.0, Automation, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). These trends are making it difficult for a traditional school education to cater to future industry changes and employment needs. To stay ahead, everyone needs to foster the habit of lifelong learning at all times. The popular MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is an online education system that responds to these trends. Anytime we turn on a computer and connect to the Internet we can absorb new knowledge without being in school.

In 2014, the Delta Electronics Foundation introduced DeltaMOOCx, a free educational platform. The courses are customized for an industrial automation program and high school level basic sciences, helping students from remote regions as well as disadvantaged groups who lack resources to enjoy new learning opportunities. The platform gives Taiwan’s next generation a chance to ride the next wave of industrial transformation, and to become the talent force of the future for Taiwan's businesses.

This CSR Report compiles Delta's experiences as a world-class corporate citizen. We are deeply aware of the limits of our own capabilities, and we can only devote greater effort to contributing to a better environment. We are constantly exploring the latest methods for raising social awareness. For example, Delta sponsored the late director Po-lin Chi during the filming of Beyond Beauty - Taiwan from Above, where both the beauty and the sadness of the land are observed from the air. Subsequently, Delta also commissioned the professional NHK Enterprise team from Japan to film a water-themed exhibition in Taiwan. The film will incorporate the latest 8K video technology and visual concepts with Delta's pioneering, one-ofa-kind DLPR 8K projection technology. We look forward to raising more social awareness and encouraging more people to join us in our tireless efforts toward promoting lifestyles for a sustainable planet.

Founder and Honorary Chairman
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