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Communication with Stakeholders
Communication with stakeholders is fundamental to CSR fulfillment. As a corporate citizen, Delta communicates with stakeholders through comprehensive channels to understand and respond to their needs in a timely manner. Delta has adopted the following mechanisms to communicate with stakeholders. The key issues of stakeholder concern are identified with materiality analysis, so that we can take the necessary responsive action and enrich the content of our information disclosures.

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders in Delta’s operations include customers, suppliers, investors (shareholders), government organizations, communities, the media, industry associations, non-profit organizations, research institutions and employees. Based on local and international trends in sustainable development as well as the needs of business operations, the Delta CSR Board has defined our major stakeholders to be employees, customers, suppliers, investors (shareholders) 、media and communities.

Materiality Assessment

Delta's Materiality Issues and Value Chain

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