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Delta provides one-stop building control integration services, including comprehensive sensing, control, management products, project plan and design services, as well as system engineering and maintenance. The scalable and open platform integrates monitoring and control of all building systems, such as air conditioning, lighting, electromechanical, surveillance and fire systems, and IoT-based information convergence and analysis. The backend system offered by Delta helps customers easily implement smart building management.
References Solution List
  Office Buildings
  LOYTEC Headquarters  
  Telecom Italia  
  City of Rockingham  
  NAPP Pharmaceuticals  
  Lanzhou Jinda Building  
  Delta Electronics Beijing Office  
  Yili Group  
  Delta Ako Energy Park  
  Oriental Petrochemical  
  Austria Campus  
  Retailers/Commercial Complex
  Hontai Plaza, Ningbo, China  
  ParkLake Shopping Center  
  Continente Hypermarket  
  Kunshan Huaqiao Kingboard Plaza  
  Guangzhou Hospital of TCM Tongdewei Branch  
  Xuanwu Hospital  
  Shanghai Oriental Hospital  
  Public Facility
  Liangdu Grand Theater  
  Manchester Airport  
  Zhaoqing Intercity Railway Station  
  Langestraße 100  
  China Mobile Data Center, Henan  
  Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology  
  Delta Energy Storage System (ESS) Container  
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