Building Energy Management System

Energy Monitoring

Building Energy Management System - Energy Monitoring

Delta Energy Online provides real-time and historical energy data display, data analysis reports, system monitoring, and other functions that help enterprises effectively capture internal energy information. Apart from energy consumption monitoring, Delta Energy Online also allows users to establish energy baselines and trace energy saving performance to assist enterprises in managing energy usage.
  Convenient Energy Monitoring
Connects to all types of sensors and meters to collect and store all data
Automatically transforms data into a well-organized data repository for energy visualization, diagnostics and analytics, such as:
- Energy type
- Energy flow
- Geolocation
Tailors organization view of energy use via group or virtual I/O setting
  Smart Energy Diagnostics
Visualized Analysis
EnPI Calculator
Smart EnPI tool increases human resources efficiency and reduces labor costs
Freely assigns energy-impacting key factors and customizes EnPI for efficient energy monitoring
  Convenient Management Tool
Real-time Alarm
Helps troubleshooting to reduce losses caused by abnormal events
Alarm banner always on for easy one-click access to the abnormal event page
APP/SMS/E-Mail notifications
Mobile Monitoring
Greater mobility with access to monitored information anywhere anytime
iOS or Android version APP client
More flexibility to access the monitored information
  Smart Diagnostics Tool
EUI/PUE Analyzer
Delta Energy Online provides advanced EUI and PUE tools for building and data center energy performance assessment.
EUI Distribution Analysis - Intuitive 3-D bubble chart shows the building's total energy use versus EUI reference index
PUE Scalability Analysis - Verifies the energy loading design quality of the data center
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