PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers

DVP-ES2/EX2 Series Expansion Module

PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers - DVP-ES2/EX2 Series Expansion Module

Digital modules (output/input/mix), analog modules (output/input/mix), temperature measurement modules, resolver modules
HVAC, printing machine, packaging machine, molding injection machine, inspection system
Digital modules (output/input/mix): 8,16, 32(AC power)
Analog modules (output/input/mix): 4 channel, 6 channel inputs (14-bit)
Temperature measurement modules: conversion time 200ms/channel, overall accuracy +/-0.6%, resolution RTD inputs Pt100 / Pt1000 / Ni100 / Ni1000, thermocouple inputs J, K, R, S, T, E, N type
Resolver modules: distance 50M, resolution 12-bits, 500rpm, disconnection detection is supported

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