Inverters - AC Motor Drives

VFD-V Series

Inverters - AC Motor Drives - VFD-V Series

Flux Vector/Torque Control AC Drive. Offering V/F, Open Loop, Closed Loop and high speed control options. All VFD-V series drives are constant and variable torque rated. This NEMA 1rated flux vector drive is capable of 0-3000Hz in V/F mode, and offers rapid response, pinpoint servo position control and speed adjustment.
Woodcarving machine; crane hoisting; drilling machine; CNC lathe; tooling machine; middle/low-speed passenger elevator; PCB routing machine, etc.
Power Range: 230V 3-phase: 1~50HP; 460V 3-phase: 1~100HP
Sensorless vector control with speed control range 1:100
PG closed loop control with speed control range 1:1000
Output frequency range is 0~600Hz
Adjustable V/f curve
Automatic torque boost and slip compensation
16-step preset speed control and 15-step PLC operation
Built-in PID feedback control with Sleep/Wake function
Optional PG encoder card for speed feedback and positioning
4 sets of accel/decel time selections and independent accel/decal S-curve settings
Specific process control and energy saving operation for fan and pump application
Built-in communication interface RS-485 Modbus (RJ11)
Auto-tuning and FOC (field oriented vector control)
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