Delta’s Virtual Showcase at AHR 2022

Discover how Delta creates the future framework for an IoT-based sustainable city that combines smart buildings, smart manufacturing, and microgrid energy infrastructure solutions.

A. Amerlux

Smart lighting solutions making the smart buildings and cities of tomorrow more energy efficient.


Easily integrate smart devices and enjoy better data visualization from your IoT network.

C. Delta IAQ Solutions

IoT-enabled fans and ventilation products promoting healthier indoor air quality at home and work.


Capture video and image data for better intelligence and security in smart cities and automated buildings.

E. Delta Controls

Get to know the O3, a powerful IoT sensor hub managing your intelligent network.

F. Delta Industrials

Discover the future of smart factory automation with our IoT-enabled manufacturing solutions.

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Product Highlights
Delta Industrial Automation
IoT-based industrial automation solutions comprise the backbone of Delta's smart manufacturing offering. Drives, controllers, and motion sensors integrated with VTScada software combine energy-efficient and smart factory automation to help your business thrive.
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Delta IAQ solutions
Delta's quiet and energy-efficient ventilation systems have been awarded the EPA's prestigious ENERGY STAR® certification for 2021. Ideal for smart housing and industrial units—our solutions provide energy efficiency and cleaner air for future residents of sustainable cities.
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Delta Controls
The heart of a smart building's indoor climate control system, the O3 connects with IoT climate devices to save energy and create a comfortable stay for residents or workers—reacting to temperature changes caused by people entering and leaving the building.
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The IP surveillance solutions are the "eye" of IoT, capturing images and video, providing security and intelligence for smart cities through wide range of network cameras, PoE switches, and video management software.
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The LPAD-7 Touch Panel is ideal for data visualization and the operation of smart buildings. Discover how LOYTEC can integrate your IoT-enabled without complex programming skills. Enjoy better data visualization and storage with LOYTEC’s smart building solutions.
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The award-winning, custom-built lighting solutions integrate with Delta Control’s O3 sensor to improve lighting quality and reduce energy expenses in smart buildings.
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