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Optional Accessories
Product NameExplanationIssue DateFile
Optional Accessories
VFDB Instruction SheetBrake Modules2007/07/19
VFDB4110/4160/4185 Braking Modules Instruction SheetBrake Modules2010/10/11
VFDB6055/6110/6160/6200 Braking Modules Instruction SheetBrake Modules2012/10/30
LN-01 User ManualLonWorks Communication Module2006/11/07
LN-01 Instruction SheetLonWorks Communication Module2007/07/12
PD-01 Instruction SheetProfibus Communication Module2007/07/11
PD-01 User ManualProfibus Communication Module2004/08/16
PG02 Instruction SheetPulse Generator Card (for VFD-B)2007/07/12
PG03 Instruction SheetPulse Generator Card (for VFD-B)2007/07/14
PU06 Instruction SheetDigital Keypad2014/08/27
RPA-01 Instruction SheetRemote Panel Adapter for PU012007/11/14
VFD-PSD01 Instruction SheetPower Connection Interface for Digital Keypad2007/07/11
DN02 User ManualDeviceNet User Manual2006/09/01
EG SeriesKeypad extension cable & assembly figure2004/08/11
Zero Phase ReactorZero Phase Reactor2003/11/24
VFD-CMD 04/08 Instruction SheetConversion Board for Multiport2006/11/22
DN02 Instruction SheetDeviceNet Communication Module2004/08/18
Profibus-DP GSD FileGSD file (For VFD-B, VFD-M, VFD-S, VFD-L, VFD-E)2012/05/28
DeviceNet auto EDS generatorEDS file (For VFD-VE, VFD-B, VFD-M, VFD-S, VFD-E)2007/11/13
Lon-Works XIF fileXIF file (For VFD-B, VFD-M, VFD-S, VFD-E)2009/09/03
EMI Filter Instruction Sheetfor VFD-B2005/08/01
EMI Filter Instruction Sheetfor VFD-M2005/08/01
EMI Filter Instruction Sheetfor VFD-S2005/08/01
EMV-APP01Multi-function I/O Extension Card2008/09/11
IFD6500USB/RS-485 Communication Interface 2009/01/12
EtherNet/IP Communication Card User ManualFor CMC-EIP01, CMM-EIP01 Communication Card2019/05/13
Accessories for VFD-E/VFD-EL Series
BUE SeriesBrake Modules2007/11/07
CME-USB01USB Interface (for VFD-E)2007/07/09
EME-A22AAnalog Extension Card (for VFD-E)2007/07/09
EME-PG01Pulse Generator Card (for VFD-E)2007/07/09
Extension Card Instruction SheetDI/DO and Relay Card: EME-D33A2006/10/18
CME-DN01 Instruction SheetDeviceNet Communication Module2007/10/12
CME-PD01 Instruction SheetProfibus Communication Module2007/10/12
CME-PD01 ManualProfibus Communication Module2007/11/14
KPE-LE02 Instruction SheetDigital Keypad (for VFD-E)2007/11/12
CME-COP01 Instruction SheetCANopen Network Adapter (for VFD-E, VFD-EL)2007/09/21
CME-DN01DeviceNet Communication Card2017/11/03
Accessories for C2000 Series
CMC-DN01DeviceNet Communication Card User Manual2011/12/26
CMC-PN01PROFINET Communication Card User Manual2018/11/06
CMC-DN01DeviceNet Communication Card Instruction Sheet2009/08/24
CMC-PD01PROFIBUS DP Communication Card User Manual2011/06/28
CMC-PD01PROFIBUS DP Communication Card Instruction Sheet2009/08/24
CMC-MOD01Modbus TCP Communication Card Instruction Sheet2009/11/17
CMC-MOD01Modbus TCP Communication Card User Manual2013/05/24
CMC-EIP01EtherNet/IP Communication Card Instruction Sheet2009/11/18
CMC-EC01EtherCAT Communication Card User Manual2017/11/22
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