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Product NameDescriptionLanguageIssue DateFile
VFD-LCompact and Panel-installation DrivesEnglish2005/10/21

Technical Document
Product NameDescriptionLanguageIssue DateFile
Delta AC Motor Drives' Label ModificationFor all seriesMultilanguage2016/04/22
EMC Standard Installation GuideEMC Standard Installation GuideEnglish2011/02/08
Suggestions and Error CorrectionsFor Standard AC Motor DrivesMultilanguage2011/06/15
VFD-LCompact and Panel-installation Drives For 25W-100WEnglish2003/05/22
VFD-LCompact and Panel-installation DrivesRussian2006/08/14
VFD-L Instruction SheetCompact and Panel-installation Drives For 0.2KW-2.5KWMultilanguage2014/11/14
VFD-L User ManualCompact and Panel-installation Drives For 0.2KW-1.5KWEnglish2002/05/31
VFD-L User ManualCompact and Panel-installation Drives For 0.2KW-1.5KWArabic2003/05/22
VFD-L-ISpecific Drive for Wire Drawing MachineryEnglish2009/07/15

Optional Accessories
Product NameExplanationIssue DateFile
Optional Accessories
PD-01 Instruction SheetProfibus Communication Module2007/07/11
PD-01 User ManualProfibus Communication Module2004/08/16
PU06 Instruction SheetDigital Keypad2014/08/27
VFD-PSD01 Instruction SheetPower Connection Interface for Digital Keypad2007/07/11
EG SeriesKeypad extension cable & assembly figure2004/08/11
Zero Phase ReactorZero Phase Reactor2003/11/24
VFD-CMD 04/08 Instruction SheetConversion Board for Multiport2006/11/22
Profibus-DP GSD FileGSD file (For VFD-B, VFD-M, VFD-S, VFD-L, VFD-E)2012/05/28
IFD6500USB/RS-485 Communication Interface 2009/01/12

CVFD for VFD Series Communicate
Software NameDescriptionOperating SystemCommentIssue DateFile
CVFD for VFD Series CommunicateCVFD4200.EXE for VFD Series Communicate  2008/11/27

VFD PC Communication Program
Software NameDescriptionOperating SystemCommentIssue DateFile
VFDSoftUser manual  2007/11/19
VFDSoft V1.57VFD Software v1.57Windows® XP SP3 (32bit Version), Windows® 7 (32bit Version, 64bit Version) 2018/05/17
VFDSoft V1.58VFD Software v1.58Windows® XP SP3 (32bit Version), Windows® 7 (32bit Version, 64bit Version) 2018/07/25

Product NameDescriptionFrameIssue DatePDF2D-CAD3D-CAD
VFD001L11A, VFD001L21A, VFD400WL21A, VFD40WL11A-A12008/06/03
VFD001L11B, VFD001L21B, VFD400WL11B, VFD40WL21B-A22008/06/03
VFD002L11A, VFD002L11B, VFD002L21A, VFD002L21B, VFD004L21A, VFD004L21B, VFD004L21D, VFD004L21E, VFD004L11A, VFD004L11B, VFD007L21A, VFD007L21B, VFD007L21D, VFD007L21E, VFD015L23A-B12008/06/03

CE Certificate
Product NameIssue DateFile
VFD-L Series2016/12/27

C-Tick Certificate
Product NameIssue DateFile
VFD-L Series2010/11/30

UL Certificate
Product NameIssue DateFile
UL online certifications directory UL File Number : E176972 
UL certificate for Delta AC motor drives2019/04/03

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