Delta PowerMall

Welcome to Delta’s PowerMall at COMPUTEX Taipei 2018 where our IoT-based Smart Green Solutions enable a microgrid EV charging station and smart store.

Nankang Exhibition Center 4F, #M0110, 6/5-6/9

Convenience Store

  • A. Building Automation Solutions
    It is an IP-based loT building management platform with comprehensive connectivity and interoperability among HVAC control, lighting control, security, and other sub-systems.
  • B. Stereo Counting Camera
    SC8131 is a stereo counting camera, armed with VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology. It generates data information such as people counting, flow path tracking that applied to in store layout improvement, promotional evaluation, staff planning, and the control of services times.
  • C. Astra Series Track Light/ Ceiling Pendent Light
    The Astra Series is designed to achieve superb uniform. It can provide an optimal lighting distribution when installed at 1 meter away from the wall. Sophisticated photometric optimize its efficiency and uniformity, while reducing the number of luminaire required.
  • D. IoT Connected Lighting
    Delta Bluetooth® mesh networking technology is now available to support location-based service solutions for the lighting industry. BLE supports this mesh networking to enable machine to machine control as an loT solution.
  • E. Fundal Ultra-high Energy-saving Streetlight
    Utilizing the latest LED technology and a programmable control power supply, the streetlight can be applied to various road lighting fields. It’s also equipped with the backstage control system for cloud monitor­ing, timing schedule control, or fixture status data collection.
  • F. 12MP Fisheye Camera
    FE9391-EV features a detailed 12-Megapixel CMOS sensor which guaran­tees superb image quality. Utilizing the latest panomorph lens technology with zero blind spots, this camera is able to provide comprehensive coverage of open areas.
  • G. UNO sense Sensing and Learning
    UNO sense solution is not only always sensing the indoor condition day & night but also learning from anyone who wants to create desirable environment.
  • H. UNO ac Indoor Unit/ UNO erv Energy Recovery Ventilation
    The entire system UNO ac, UNO erv with UNO sense and UNO cloud service will operate 24 hours for the best indoor environment quality, achieving more efficient and friendly environmental condition.
  • I. UNO dashboard Administrator System
    The dashboard which represents the indoor air quality and power consumption of the air conditioning system. With UNO services, the dashboard can be linked with smart building equipment.


  • J. Vivitek DU4771Z Laser Projector
    With impressively vivid colors and a high brightness of 6,000 lumens, the DU4771Z offers the advanced laser light source technolo­gy. Designed lamp-free, the DU4771Z provides a low cost of ownership, with minimal maintenance, and gives a stable, high-quality projection for up to 20,000 hours.
  • K. Vivitek DK2688 4K Projector
    The DK2688 is a 4K ready projector. Boasting an advanced video processor, RGBW color wheel, HDR10, and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, the DK2688 is designed to produce outstanding color repro­ductions with impeccable vibrancy.
  • L. NovoTouch LK8630i
    The NovoTouch LK8630i features an ultra-HD 4K 86” IPS backlit LED panel with wireless presentation and collaboration functions. Offering up to 20-point finger touch interactivity (10-point writing/20-point touch) for precise and easy navigation, the LK8630i is perfect for modern interactive meetings and collaborative classroom.
  • M. NovoDS4K
    NovoDS4K is a true-4K digital signage player with excellent video process­ing as well as HTML rendering capabilities. It easy-to-use software features which allows users to generate signage content without the need of any programming skills.
  • N. PowerGear 60C USB-C Laptop Adaptor
    The most powerful and high-efficiency laptop adapter in the world. With 60W USB PD technology and tiny size of 55cc, the adaptor is easy to carry and perfect for all your gadgets.
  • O. PowerJoy 30D USB-C Car Charger
    Designed with heat-resistant and the strongest structure for the most important charging function on the go. With USB-C and USB-A ports ready, the car charger can be used with all your devices.
  • P. PowerJoy 10W Wireless Charger
    With 10W and 7.5W dual fast-charge modes, PowerJoy 10W Wireless Charger is compatible with Android phone and iPhone. Complying with Qi standard, it supports most of wireless devices and with InnerShieldTM protection with 4 conditions.
  • Q. PowerJoy 27C USB-C Wall Charger
    Equipped with dual USB-C and USB-A outputs, PowerJoy 27C Wall Charger is able to work with most devices. Its SmartBoost™ technology supports fast charging and provides up to 5.4A current for fast charging.

Charging Station

  • R. DC 25kW Wallbox EV Charger
    The DC Wallbox EV charger has an output power up to 25kW and 94% efficiency with CCS and/or CHAdeMO standard output. Wall-box design and pluggable power modules facilitate easy and cost-saving installation. Its communication functions and RFID user authentication can support multiple charging applications.
  • S. DC 50kW Quick EV Charger
    Compliant with CCS and CHAdeMO charging standards, Delta Quick Charger has an output power up to 50kW with high efficiency power conversion. RFID and mobile app user authentication support public charging applications.
  • T. V2H/V2G EV Charger
    It can provide bi-directional charge and discharge power conversion for EVs. In addition to charging EVs, home electric power can be provided through the EV’s discharge function, or can be coordinated with the electric grid to achieve power management and power dispatch functions.
  • U. M30A PV Inverter
    The transformerless PV inverter converts the sunlight energy generated by solar panels into grid-compatible current or energy storage system. With the compact outdoor design enclosure and high durability, M30A is the perfect solution for commercial scale PV system.
  • V. Power Conditioning System
    Delta PCS is a bi-directional inverter for grid-tied energy storage system(ESS). It demonstrates industry leading power performance with high power efficiency and low stand-by power loss.
  • W. Container Type Lithium-ion Battery Storage System
    Its Grid Mode supports demand response, peak shaving and renewable energy smoothing while the Standalone Mode supports islanding micro-grid.