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Corporate Governance
resolution of the Board (Please click the year to download the related material)
Corporate Governance Information
     Articles of Incorporation
     Shareholders' Meeting Rules and Procedures
     Director Election Regulations
     Operating Procedures of Aquisition or Disposal of Assets
     Operating Procedures of Fund Lending
     Operating Procedures of Endorsement and Guarantee
     Rules and Procedures of the Meeting of Board of Directors
     Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Independent Directors
     Organization Chart and Managers' Major Responsibility
     Internal Auditing Organization and Operation
     Compensation Committee Charter
     Audit Committee Charter
     Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles
     Code of Conduct
     Delta Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
     Delta Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles
     Management Procedures for Handling Charitable Donations or Sponsorships
     Material Information(CODE: 2308)
     Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles
     Table of Authorized Limits for the Acquisition or Disposal of Assets
     Delta's Tax Policy
     Rules of Performance Evaluation of the Board of Directors
     Assessing Results of 2017 Self-Evaluation of Board Performance
     List of Major Shareholders
     Supplier-Delta Declaration of Compliance with EICC Code of Conduct
     Supplier-Delta Conflict Minerals Policy
     Supplier-Delta Survey for Metal Origins and Declaration of Conflict Metal Free
     Supplier-Delta Integrity Undertaking
     Supplier-Delta Guarantee Letter Regarding Environment-Related Substances
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