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Established in 2013, Delta Research Center (DRC) is devoted to big data analytics as well as the development and integration of applications and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable the acceleration of enterprise transformation and upgrade. Meanwhile, DRC takes an open collaboration approach to actively collaborate with partners from industrial sectors, government agencies, academia, and research institutions for the mutual success of ecosystem.


Composed of experts from various fields, including IoT, smart manufacturing, life science, software development and industrial control, and others, DRC focuses on the following three main missions:

I. Big data analytics and IoT innovation: integrating R&D innovations and industry practices to provide advanced IoT solutions for different industries, including manufacturing and healthcare.

II. Enterprise transformation: assisting enterprise transformation with innovative technology, enhancing process efficiency, accelerating circulation of knowledge and talent, and providing the innovative service model to clients.

III. Ecosystem collaboration: promoting cross-industry, interdisciplinary and transnational collaborations with ecosystem partners from industries, governments, and academia to explore IoT innovations, creating market opportunities together to increase industry scale and benefits.

Global Coverage

In realizing the concept of "close to industrial hubs, close to manufacturing sites, and close to ecosystems," DRC has set up R&D labs, integration centers, and test-and-verification labs in Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Taipei, Tainan and Singapore respectively to accelerate the development and integration of innovative applications and solutions.

DRC also actively participates in ecosystem: we collaborate on R&D projects and cultivate talents along with famous universities worldwide; work with governmental organizations to construct an industrial chain; actively participate in industry and standards organizations; and work closely with like-minded enterprises to create innovative applications that lead the market.
- Global Coverage of DRC

Innovation Outcomes

By leveraging technological innovations, translational research, solution integration, as well as factory verification and testing, DRC has already accumulated concrete outcomes in four fields:

I. Big data analytics and IoT systems and solutions
- Manufacturing: providing comprehensive smart manufacturing service and asset management systems from products, solutions, to consulting services. This unique structuring allows affordable solutions and systems with great flexibility, assisting enterprises of various scales to accomplish smart manufacturing.
- Life science innovation: combining IoT with big data analytics to support the healthcare industry in providing services around "risk management." Currently, we have successfully developed and commercialized "gene analyzer," "immune analyzer," and "sleep monitoring analysis system."

II. Enterprise transformation and upgrade: using the three main solutions of "seamless service," "effective on-site communication," and "smart learning" to enhance customer communication and service standards, as well as to accelerate the organizational innovation process.

III. Ecosystem collaboration: holding interdisciplinary collaborative projects with world famous universities including: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanyang Technological University, Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Research Foundation Singapore, etc.
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