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Letter from the Founder
In recent years, climate change has raised the public’s awareness and concern for environmental issues. I personally became aware of the seriousness of environmental pollution long before I founded Delta Electronics, Inc. In the 1960s, Taiwan experienced a peak in manufacturing-related foreign investment due to its lack of environmental regulations and penalties. Under these circumstances, it was easy for people to ignore the importance of environmental protection. At the time, I was working in an American company that specialized in precision electronics. Many factories in Taiwan were leaking unprocessed waste water from electroplating into fields used for agriculture, which was something that my training in the USA would never allow. I expressed my concerns to my superior but received only a lukewarm response. Although I later managed to push for waste water processing within the company, the incident brought up my concern for environmental issues for years to come.

When I established Delta Electronics in 1971, I kept this concern in mind. During the first stage of founding Delta I decided our company mission would be “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow”, and we have long nurtured this environmental awareness in our corporate culture. In the 1980’s, Delta started engaging in the production of power supplies. The explosive growth of factories in Taiwan resulted in frequent power shortages. It was then that I realized that many linear power supplies on the market had an energy efficiency rate lower than 50% and it was then that I decided to invest in the development of switching power supplies, which had a substantially higher energy efficiency rate. With the efforts and research of our team of experts, we managed to enhance our energy efficiency rate from an initial 65% to 90% by 2000 in practically all our products—our solar power inverters now even reach an efficiency of up to 98.8%.

Apart from our continuous investment in the R&D of energy-saving products, Delta actively participates in global climate change related conferences. Since 2007, the Delta Electronics Foundation has annually selected representatives to participate in climate change conferences to keep up with global updates. In 2012, Delta became an official observer of the UNFCCC; and in 2014, Delta participated in a COP20 side conference to exhibit the benefits of our green buildings by featuring the Min Chuan Elementary School in Kaohsiung’s Namasia District as a success case study. In 2015, Delta shared, through forums, meetings and exhibitions, its experience in creating energy-saving green buildings at the COP21 Paris Conference. In 2016, we also participated in COP22 to keep focusing on the international efforts against global warming.

Delta also continues to promote environmental education. We utilize a variety of methods to educate society and expand our ability to raise environmental awareness. With our accumulated electronics technology and knowledge we hope to tackle this issue starting from our daily lives. We have held environmental exhibitions, movies, seminars and workshops to assist schools in developing energy-saving habits among students. This includes specialists focused on the development of teaching materials and Delta volunteers engaging in lessons, and helping high schools with energy-saving campus modifications. We have gathered Taiwanese green building experts to provide workshops at the Delta Electronics Foundation that train architects and interior designers on the creation of eco-friendly buildings. We sincerely hope that Delta’s green building experience can make long-term sustainability a reality and contribute to making the world a better, healthier place.

In regards to CSR, Delta is devoted to environmental protection and energy conservation. At Delta, we value education, especially technical, vocational, and basic science education, so we established DeltaMOOCx, a digital learning platform featuring high-definition education videos with the priceless contribution of invited renowned teachers. This expansion of digital learning has allowed teachers to increase their educational influence. After three years of efforts, we have uploaded online technical, vocational and high school courses in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. We hope to provide a premium learning resource that will elevate students’ desire to learn, and we deeply believe that schools, students and parents will recognize and agree with Delta’s efforts.

For the future, we shall continue our dedication to energy savings and carbon reduction. We invite everyone to work together towards the reduction of GHG emissions and also to get involved in the eco-friendly activities so that mankind can maintain the rise of average global temperatures within 2°C, or even 1.5°C if possible.
Founder and Honorary Chairman
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