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2017 CSR Report
PDF (23.7MB)
2016 CSR Report
PDF (14.5MB)
2015 CSR Report
PDF (5.53MB)
2014 CSR Report
PDF (10.3MB)
2013 CSR Report
PDF (4.89MB)
2012 CSR Report
PDF (4.52MB)
2011 CSR Report
PDF (8.6MB)
2010 CSR Report
PDF (4.46MB)
2009 CSR Report
PDF (4.43MB)
2008 CSR Report
PDF (6.93MB)
2007 CSR Report
PDF (3.0MB)
2006 CSR Report
PDF (4.19MB)
2005 CSR Report
PDF (5.20MB)
Delta CSR Supplemental Materials
    Delta Environment and Safety and Health Policy
    Delta Employment Policy
    Membership of Associations
    Management Standard for Environment-Related Substance
    Suppliers Social Responsibility Management Measures
    ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
    -  Delta Electronics Dongguan
    -  Delta Electronics WuJiang
    -  Delta Electronics WuHu
    -  Delta Electronics Chenzhou
    -  Delta Electronics Taoyuan DNI
    -  Cyntek Hsinchu Huafeng
    -  Delta Electronics Thaland
    -  Eltek India
    ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gases Part 1
    -  Delta Electronics Dongguan, WuJiang, WuHu, Chenzhou
    -  Delta Electronics Taoyuan plants and DNI
    -  Cyntek Hsinchu Huafeng
    -  Delta Electronics Thaland
    -  Eltek USA, India, Brasil
    -  Scope3 Verification Statement
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