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Smarter. Greener. Together.
At Delta, we commit ourselves to the advancement of power and electronics technology to provide “smarter” products with high efficiency. It helps us make possible a “greener” and more environment-friendly way of life. We collaborate with our partners, by listening to their needs, and accomplishing our mission “together”.
Business Categories
Power Electronics
-Embedded Power Supplies   -Mobile Power Supplies   -Industrial & Medical Power Supplies
-Fans & Thermal Management   -Electronic Components for ICT Equipment
Delta offers a comprehensive selection of high-efficiency power supplies, thermal management and electronic components and systems for use in portable devices, cloud computing equipment, home appliances and medical device applications.
Energy Management
-Industrial Automation   -Telecom Power Systems   -UPS & Datacenter Infrastructure
-Automotive Electronics & EV Charging   -Renewable Energy   - Energy Storage Devices
Delta is a world-leading provider of telecom power, uninterruptible power systems, datacenter infrastructure, automotive electronics, EV charging solutions, renewable energy applications, and energy storage devices. We are also one of the world's fastest growing providers of industrial automation products, systems and solutions.
Smart Green Life
-Networking Systems   -Display & Visualization   -LED Lighting   -Healthcare Devices
Delta designs and manufactures high-end networking equipment for consumers and businesses in various applications. Delta is also a pioneer in visual displays for large venues, businesses, home entertainment, education, and control rooms. Innergie and Vivitek, both brands of Delta, offer an extensive range of cutting-edge consumer electronics that provide a smart, green lifestyle.
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