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LOYTEC continues to strive for innovation in the field of building automation and building management to make LOYTEC system solutions the best option for future investments.

By using standardized open protocols such as BACnet, LonMark, KNX, OPC, DALI, EnOcean, M-Bus, Modbus, SMI, and MP-Bus, LOYTEC systems can easily be expanded or connected to other systems. With a focus on maximum energy efficiency, comfort, flexibility, and also transparency regarding energy consumption we are able to offer significant benefits.

The L-DALI Lighting Solution includes L-DALI controllers, DALI sensors and actuators to optimize lighting conditions. The multifunctional L-DALI controllers combine light control, sunblind control and gateway functions between LonMark / BACnet and DALI systems. Lighting applications such as daylight harvesting or integration of shading make a considerable reduction of energy usage possible while adding to user comfort.

The LOYTEC energy data acquisition and analysis system records energy and water consumption via L-INX Automation Servers. The meter data stored in the LWEB-900 Server database is used to generate energy consumption reports. The appropriate reports in hand provide easier decision making.

Graphical visualization and access to current operating conditions, historic data, and alarm lists of technical building systems and components are crucial for running modern building automation. The LOYTEC visualization solution is a perfect combination of hardware (L-INX Automation Servers) and software (L-WEB). The HTML5 based L-WEB visualization is platform independent and can show dynamic content on PCs, L-VIS touch panels, tablets, or smart phones without the need to install an APP.

LOYTEC offers optimized heating control solutions for commercial buildings. The control is done by an L-INX Automation Server that integrates actuators and sensors via L-IOB I/O Modules and various field busses.

The L-ROC Room Automation system is extremely flexible and allows for changing room layouts within seconds. The foundation for the IP-based revolutionary room automation is the L-ROC room controller in combination with L-STUDIO.

The L-STUDIO tool platform allows for the creation and adjustment of flexible room applications incorporating HVAC, lighting, sunblinds, and security functions that result in a totally integrated automation system.

The LOYTEC solution for operating adequate and energy-optimized ventilation uses a central air handler on the roof which houses a large ventilation system supplying the floors.

For air distribution, LIOB-AIRx VAV controllers are deployed which determine their optimal operating condition via the optimization function of the ventilation system.

The LOYTEC VAV System Solution is fully IP based and uses the LIOB-AIR VAV controller together with the L-STUDIO AIR designer which assists in system engineering even for the most demanding installations.

Used with the LWEB-900 integrated building management system, L-STAT network thermostats, and L-VIS touch panels, we provide a powerful solution that supports all tasks, starting from project creation through parameterization up to maintenance.

For more solution information, please refer to the LOYTEC website.
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