Healthcare Devices
  Healthcare Devices
  Delta initiated handheld healthcare products research and development in the end of 2005, and shipped first products in 2010. Our products include Glucose Meters, Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, and Handheld Pulse Oximeters.

Delta has been integrating top research and development ability, rigorous manufacturing and QA system, global manufacturing and sales team to provide users higher quality products and services. Beside that, we firmly comply with the highest medical device standard to design, manufacture products and serve our customers and the public.

Delta also aggressively and continuously invest in advanced and innovative healthcare product development to improve the quality of peoples' lives and support a healthy "Smart Green Life".

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Blood Glucose Meter

Delta Blood Glucose Meters provide home users easy way to monitor their blood glucose level by their selves. Friendly use, accurate and reliable products are our main design trend....>
Pulse Oximeter

Delta Pulse Oximeters provide both home users and healthcare professionals easy way to monitor patients' blood oxygen concentration. Friendly use, accurate and reliable products are our main design trend....>
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