Open Rack

48.5U Series

產品 - Open Rack - 48.5U Series - 台達集團

The Delta Open Rack series offers several size options, ensuring right dimensions for equipment. A flexible configuration is the way to tailor solutions for your demand.
Tool-free installation, easy deployment and maintenance.
Open Rack with removable cable tray for optimal cable management.
Compatible with all Open Rack IT systems.
User friendly with easy operation.
Contains 4 swivel casters, level feet and anchoring holes, easy to fix with rack under different data center floor conditions.
This rack is designed to be compatible with Open Computer Project (OCP). The design of Rack enhances the con-venience of system upgrading with efficiency and simplifies the maintenance to meet requirement for new generation of Data Center.
Fact sheet
Rack High Dimension: 2,299.7 mm ( 90.5 inch )
Rack Width Dimension: 609.6 mm ( 24 inch )
Rack Depth Dimension: 1,067 mm ( 42 inch )
Equipment Space: 48.5U
Bus Bar Cross Area Design: N/A
Bus Bar Assemble Design: 1 Pair Bus Bar Assemble in each Power Zone
PDU Design ( AC PDU / DC PDU ): Option

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